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The crossing of the river Poros by the Harad Road, on the southern borders of Ithilien
Probably established by the Gondorians1
Poros rose in the Ephel Dúath, to the east of the Crossings
Poros joined Anduin shortly above its Mouths
Important peaks
The mound of Haudh in Gwanûr was raised above the Crossings
Poros is pronounced 'po'ros'
The meaning of Poros is obscure
Other names


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Crossings of Poros

The ford that led into South Gondor

Map of the Crossings of Poros

The point on the River Poros where it was crossed by the Harad Road. This was the site of a battle in the late Third Age in which Steward Túrin II of Gondor and King Folcwine of Rohan defeated a force of the Haradrim.



The origins of the Crossings are uncertain, but the fact that the road that crossed Poros there ran on westward to Pelargir and northward to Minas Ithil implies that the ford was established, at least as a major road crossing, by the Gondorians. The Crossings are first mentioned in records in the year III 1940, but their connection to the old city of Pelargir suggests that they were much older than this. Pelargir itself was founded as early as II 2350, so the Crossings might even predate the establishment of the South-kingdom.


The lands on both sides of the Crossings were originally held by the Dúnedain of Gondor, but after the violent ending of the Kin-strife in III 1447, Umbar and South Gondor beyond Poros were lost to Gondor, and from that time the Crossings led into potentially hostile lands.


About this entry:

  • Updated 9 June 2017
  • Updates planned: 1

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