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This page provides a selection of links to Tolkien sites of all types from across the Web, large or small. The main list is in alphabetical order, but we've also set aside a section to show the most recent additions to the list.

Newest Links

The Brothers Brick: Middle-earth LEGO Dioramas

My Hobbit Shed

True Myths


LOTR Arts (Swedish)

Mellonath Daeron

The Elvish Language: Sindarin

Omniglot: Tengwar (Elvish) Alphabet

Parf Edhellen - Parma Eldaliéva

Hiswelokë - Sindarin Dictionary

Glǽmscrafu - Tolkien's Linguistic Cellar

The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack

The Art of the Rings

Das Sindarin Lexikon (German)

Sagan om Tolkien (Swedish)

Film Pán Prstenú (Czech)

The Astronomy of Middle-earth

Ring Lord

Marquette University: J.R.R. Tolkien Collection

The Full List

About the Songs and Poems in the Lord of the Rings

Age of the

Aiglos (Polish/English)

Ainur (Italian)

Alcarinque: Women of Middle-earth (Newsgroup)

Amanye Tenceli

Ancanar: Official Movie Site

Andúril, la que fue quebrada regresará a Minas Tirith (Spanish)

Angmar, Malmö Tolkiensällskap (Swedish)

The Annals of Arda

The Annals of Ennor

Les Archives de Gondor (French)

Arda-na-Kulichkax (Russian) (Persian)


Ardan Nights

Ardapedia (German)

The Art of the Rings

Arwen Undomiel

The Astronomy of Middle-earth

The Barrow-Downs

The Battle for Middle-earth: The 3rd Age


Beyond Bree

The Blog of the Hobbit

BobMoCo Middle-earth Glossary

Born of Hope

Brazilian Tolkien Society

The Brothers Brick: Middle-earth LEGO Dioramas

The Burning Eye

The Burping Troll

CBBC Lord of the Rings Message Boards

CH-Gefährten (German)

Les Champs de Pélennor (French)

Le Chant des Ainur - Neverwinter Nights Game World (French)

The Children of Húrin - FAQ

Chronicles of Arda (Russian)

Chroniques de Chant-de-Fer (French)

The Compleat Gyde to Tolkien Calendars

Conselho Branco - Sociedade Tolkien (Portuguese)

Costume Crazy: The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings

The Council of Elrond

CRAM - A Tolkien Index

Dan Smith's Fantasy Fonts for Windows

David Harvey's Tolkien Page

Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft e.V. (German)

deviantArt: Tolkien

Le Domaine d'Eowyn (French)

DreamWorlds ~ Tolkien's Arda

Eä of the Ring (Korean) (Spanish)

Elanor (Dutch)

Elbenwald (German)


Eldalië.it (Italian)

The Electronic Tolkien Encyclopedia Project

Elendili (Polish)

Elendor MUSH (Spanish)


Elrond's Library (English / French)

elvenjess' Website

The Elvish Language: Sindarin

The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship

Endorion (Bulgarian)

Ennorath - Interactive map of Middle-earth


The Eowyn Challenge

FanFiction.Net: Lord of the Rings

The Fantasy Forum: J.R.R. Tolkien

FAQ of the Rings

Film Pán Prstenú (Czech)

Film Pán Prstenu - The Lord of the Rings (Czech)

Finduilas's J.R.R. Tolkien Page

Flame Imperishable

Forodrim (Swedish/English)

Forum dyskusyjne miłośników twórczości J.R.R. Tolkiena (Polish)

Il Fosso di Helm (Italian)

Frodo Homepage

Frodo Lives! The Ancestors of Frodo Baggins

Gandalf's World

GiRSA crew (Italian)

Glǽmscrafu - Tolkien's Linguistic Cellar

The Golden Wood: Lord of the Rings Wallpaper

Green Dragon Forums

The Grey Havens

Henneth Annûn Story Archive

Der Herr der Ringe Film-News (German)

Hiswelokë - Sindarin Dictionary

The Hobbit Art Film (Spanish/English)

The Hobbit Movie

The Hobbit Movie

The Hobbit's Survival Guide to Middle-earth (Infographic)

The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and Tolkien (Russian)

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Interactive Infographic)

Hobbiton (Polish)

Hobbits of the World

The Homes of Middle-earth

Howard Shore: The Official Website

The Hunt For Gollum

The Hypertextualized Tolkien FAQ

If LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else!?

An Illustrated Tolkien Bibliography

Imbë Eldar

Imladris - Danmarks Tolkienforening (Danish)

Imloth Melui Wiki

In Search of Rivendell (Youtube Video)

ISDA Edoras

Isildur's Lair

Ithilien (Slovak)

J.R.R. Tolkien

J.R.R. Tolkien

J.R.R. Tolkien's Fantasy World (Russian/English)

Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith

John Garth on Tolkien

John Howe

Johnny's Lair (French/English)

The Land of Rohan

The Last Homely House

Literary Lessons from The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Peeps

The Lord of the Rings (English/Spanish)

The Lord of the Rings - On Stage

Lord of the Rings Costumes

Lord of the Rings Costumes

Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction

The Lord of the Rings FanFiction Archive

Lord of the Rings Fantasy World

Lord-of-the-Rings-Group-Discussion (Yahoo! Group)

Lord of the Rings Guide

The Lord of the Rings Image Library

The Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Quotes

Lord of the Rings Risk

Lord of the Rings RPG

The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack

The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Lord of the Rings Webring

Lord of the Rings Wiki

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II Wiki Guide

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


LOTR Community Challenges

LOTR Community General Fanfiction

LotR Costumes and Accessories

LOTR Project

LOTRfanclub Scrapbook

Lúthien's Middle Earth

The Mad Hobbit Blog

Many Paths to Tread

Marquette University: J.R.R. Tolkien Collection

Meeting Professor Tolkien

Mellonath Daeron

Mellonath Legolas

Merry Brandybuck (English/Italian)

Metaphors and Representations

Middle Earth

Middle-earth & J.R.R. Tolkien Blog

Middle-earth Flies

Middle-earth Games

Middle-earth Music

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle-earth; The Lost Fellowship Role Play

Minas Tirith (Czech)

Minas Tirith

The Mithril Awards for Tolkien Fanfiction

Mithril Miniatures Tolkien Figures (German)

Mordor ~ The Land of

MUME - Multi Users in Middle Earth

O Mundo de J.R.R. Tolkien (Portuguese)

Music in Middle-earth

The Music of Middle-earth

The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films

My Hobbit Shed

MyPrecious Lord of the Rings Jewelry

The Mythopoeic Society


National Geographic: Beyond the Movie

Natse Tolkieno - Tolkiens nett (Norwegian)

Nazgûl-Online (German)


New Middle Earth

i Nili o i Ardanole Newsletter

Nimrodel: Original Costumes

The Northern Kingdom

Númenor (Hebrew)

The Official Movie Site

Official Site of The One Ring Game

Omniglot: Tengwar (Elvish) Alphabet

The One and Only Lord of the Rings Page

The One Ring - The Home of Tolkien Online

One Ring to Rule Them All

One Ring: Complete Guide to Tolkien Resources

Orta Dünya (Turkish)

The Palantir

Parf Edhellen - Parma Eldaliéva

Pawns - Mellyn Cordof Arda

Planet Tolkien

El Poney Pisador (Spanish)

Portal Tolkienianos (Portuguese)

'PRECIOUS Moments' T-Shirt

Quenya-English Dictionary

Radio City LOTR Concert in New York City

Ravenstar - Middle Earth Wonders

rec.arts.books.tolkien (Newsgroup)

Reise nach Mittelerde (German)

Resources for a Better World: Lord of the Rings

Resources for Tolkienian Linguistics

Ring Lord

The Ring of Light

Rolozo Tolkien

Sagan om Tolkien (Swedish)

Sauron's Blog

Shadows of Isildur

Shadows of Twilight


A Silmarillion Chronology

Das Sindarin Lexikon (German)

Sociedad Tolkien Española (Spanish)

Sociedade do Pastel - Tolkien (Portuguese)

Società Tolkieniana Italiana

Songs of Middle-earth (Czech/English)

Soronel's Home Page (Italian)

Stories of Arda

Strona o Jedynym Pierścieniu (Polish/English)

Studio54: Lord of the Rings Gallery

Suomen Tolkien-seura ry (Finnish/English)

SW & Tolkien & Magic: The Gathering Home

Swedish University Network Tolkien Image Archive

Tales from the Prancing Pony

Talking About Tolkien (Chinese/English)

Taruithorn, the Oxford Tolkien Society

Ted Nasmith - Tolkien Illustrator

Tek Yüzük (the One Ring) (Turkish)

Temple of Concerning Tolkien

La Terre du Milieu (French)

The Thain's Book


There & Back Again: A Hobbit's Home Value

The Third Age of Middle-earth

Three Rings for the Elven Kings (German/English)

Tië Eldaliéva - The Elven Path

Tinw's Lord of the Rings Research and Writings


Tolki Wiki

Tolkien Blogs

Tolkien City

Tolkien Collecting Resources

Tolkien Collector's Guide

A Tolkien Dictionary

Tolkien Forever (Russian)

The Tolkien Forum

Tolkien Forums

Tolkien France (French)

Tolkien Gateway

Tolkien Index

The Tolkien Language List

Tolkien Library

Tolkien Literature Resources

The Tolkien Meta-FAQ

The Tolkien Music List

Tolkien NL Wiki (Dutch)

The Tolkien Professor

The Tolkien Sarcasm Page

The Tolkien Society

Tolkien Society of St. Petersburg (Russian)

Tolkien Studies on the Web

Tolkien Theme Jewelry

The Tolkien Trail

The Tolkien Wiki Community

Tolkien's Faith

Tolkien's Middle-earth Battles

Tolkien's Oxford (Swedish)

Tolkien: The Official Online Bookshop

Tolkiendil (French)

Tolkienforum (German)

The Tolkienion

Tolkiens Arda (Swedish)

A Tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien

True Myths

The Two Towers

Uncyclopedia: Google Middle Earth

The Valar Guild Tolkien Site

Valinor (Portuguese)

Verses from "The Lord of the Rings"

Il Voce di Edoras (Multilingual)

Völgyzugoly - Magyar Tolkien Oldalak (Magyar)

Watch of Tirith Aear

What is Tom Bombadil?

White Tree Press - Home of Lembas for the Soul

Who is Tom Bombadil?

Wikipedia: J.R.R. Tolkien

Wikipedia: Middle-earth Portal

Yrch! (English/French)

Yüzüklerin Efendisi (Turkish)

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