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Probably established after the foundation of Rohan in III 25101
In the valley of Harrowdale, between Edoras to the north and Dunharrow to the south
The village was on the upper Snowbourn2


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A hamlet of Harrowdale

One of the small villages that lay in the White Mountains, in the valley of the river Snowbourn known as Harrowdale. This placed it close to Rohan's capital of Edoras, and indeed it was on the road between Edoras and the mountain refuge of Dunharrow. Thus Théoden and his armies of Rohirrim passed through Upbourn during the War of the Ring, at the beginning of the journey that would lead them east to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.



The village of Upbourn was within the realm of Rohan and had a name from the language of the Rohirrim, and so the village in this form cannot have existed before the founding of Rohan. We know, however, that the valley of Harrowdale was inhabited in earlier times, and so conceivably the Men of the Mountains or the Gondorians may have had an older settlement here that predated the coming of the Rohirrim.


'Upbourn' is a modernisation of the original name used by the Rohirrim, equivalent to Old English Upburnan (from burn, a brook or stream). So, literally, 'Upbourn' meant 'up the stream'. 'Up' in this context describes a place relatively near a river's source, and some distance from its mouth. This was certainly the case for Upbourn: once the Snowbourn ran past the village and out of its mountain valley, the river would flow on for many miles across the plains of Rohan before it met the Entwash, far to the east.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 29 February 2024
  • Updates planned: 1

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