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Uncertain; possibly dated back to the Second Age1
In Lamedon in western Gondor, at the crossing of the river Ciril
Ciril ran down through Calembel from its source in the White Mountains to the north
Ciril flowed on to meet Ringló some thirty miles to the south


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The township on the River Ciril

Map of Calembel

A town in the Gondorian region of Lamedon. It stood above the fords of the River Ciril, where the road from Erech crossed that river and passed on eastward. It was here that Aragorn and the host of the Dead camped during their journey to Pelargir during the War of the Ring.



We have no information about the foundation of Calembel, except that we can say for sure that it existed at the end of the Third Age. The fact that it was connected by road to Pelargir (which was founded in the Second Age, in II 2350) implies that the town might have been very old indeed. This is far from conclusive, however (it is quite conceivable that the town was established later, and the road built after the event) so Calembel may not have existed until after the foundation of the realm of Gondor in II 3320.


'Greenham' is Tolkien's own interpretation of the name Calembel, from his extended index to The Lord of the Rings. This comes from Elvish calen 'green' and the old word bel meaning a small village or hamlet. (We might perhaps expect the bel in Calembel to have some connection with the same element in nearby Belfalas, but this does not seem to be the case.)

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About this entry:

  • Updated 13 November 2020
  • Updates planned: 1

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