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A line established by Elendil, the first High King
The original seat of the Kings of Arnor was at Annúminas
'Arnor' is pronounced 'a'rrnorr' ('rr' indicates that all 'r' sounds should be distinctly pronounced)
Arnor means 'land of the King'
Other names
Title of
Elendil and nine of his descendants


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King of Arnor

High title of the Heirs of Isildur

Kings of Númenor
Lords of Andúnië
Kings of Gondor
Six Kings of Arnor
from Eldacar
to Elendur
of Fornost
Kings of Rhudaur
and Cardolan
Kings of Arthedain

The line of the Kings of Arnor was descended from the Lords of Andúnië, and ultimately from the first Kings of Númenor. The names of those who held the title 'King of Arnor' are shown in bold text above.

The title of ten lords of the Dúnedain, from Elendil to Eärendur. Eärendur's eldest son, Amlaith, became the first King of Arthedain.

I Elendil (Ruled for 121 years to II 3441)
He founded both Arnor and Gondor, and ruled the Two Kingdoms as High King. His royal seat was in his own capital in the North, Annúminas. He formed the Last Alliance, and marched to the defeat of Sauron, but he himself was lost in that great victory.
II Isildur (Ruled for 2 years to III 2)
He succeeded his father as High King, but before departing into the north, spent time ordering the South-kingdom. In the second year of the Third Age, he left Gondor in the care of his nephew Meneldil, the son of his brother Anárion, and rode away into the North. On his journey, Isildur was ambushed by Orcs and slain.

III Valandil (Ruled for 247 years to III 249)
Three of Isildur's four sons died with him at the hands of the Orcs, but the youngest, Valandil, remained safe at Rivendell. He succeeded his father as King of Arnor, but the South-kingdom of Gondor fell under the rule of his cousin Meneldil, and the Two Kingdoms would not be reunited until the time of Aragorn at the end of the Third Age.
IV Eldacar (Ruled for 90 years to III 339)
V Arantar (Ruled for 96 years to III 435)
VI Tarcil (Ruled for 80 years to III 515)
VII Tarondor (Ruled for 87 years to III 602)
VIII Valandur (Ruled for 50 years to III 652)
Valandur died a violent and untimely death,1 but no details of his fall are recorded.
IX Elendur (Ruled for 125 years to III 777)
X Eärendur (Ruled for 84 years to III 861)
Eärendur was the last King of Arnor. After his death, there was conflict over the succession between his sons, and the realm became divided into three. The true line of the Heirs of Isildur was carried on by his eldest son, Amlaith, in the new kingdom of Arthedain.



In the draft texts for Appendix to The Lord of the Rings (given in volume XII of The History of Middle-earth), Valandur is listed simply as '† slain'. It's not clear who would have slain him at this time, or indeed why. Certainly, Arnor does not appear to have been involved in any wars during his reign, so he perhaps died in a raid of some kind, or possibly a hunting accident.


About this entry:

  • Updated 17 October 2007
  • Updates planned: 2

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