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Valandil, the first King to rule the North-kingdom as an independent nation, took up his rule in III 10; Aragorn Elessar became High King and reunited the Kingdoms of the Dúnedain in III 3019
The North-kingdom of Arnor, and later Arthedain
The direct descendants of Isildur, elder son of Elendil
Northern Dúnedain (historically of Arnor and later Arthedain)
Annúminas and later Fornost, until its ruin; the later Chieftains of this line were supported by Elrond at Rivendell
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Northern Line

The ancestors of Aragorn

After the fall of Elendil in the first defeat of Sauron, his elder son Isildur became King of Gondor and Arnor. If history had proceeded as expected, Isildur in turn would have been succeeded by his own eldest son Elendur, and the Two Kingdoms would have remained united. In the event, a surprise attack by Orcs saw Isildur slain in only the second year of his reign, alongside his sons Elendur, Aratan and Ciryon. This left only one surviving son of Isildur in Middle-earth: Valandil, then just thirteen years old.

At this time of upheaval Isildur's nephew Meneldil held the throne of Gondor. In principle he acted as a vassal of the High King, but with Valandil a mere child, Gondor asserted its independence. By the time Valandil reached his majority in III 10, there were two independent realms of the Dúnedain in Middle-earth. Nonetheless, Valandil maintained his power in the North-kingdom, establishing the Northern Line that ran through seven further Kings after his time.

After a time of conflict the throne became divided into smaller kingdoms, and eventually even they were lost to history, but still the line of Valandil's descendants continued unbroken through the Third Age. Aragorn was the last of this Line of Northern Chieftains, the direct descendant of Isildur's only surviving son, and thus able to rightfully claim the throne of Gondor when the time came for him to do so.

High Kings

I Elendil Ruled for 121 years from the foundation of Arnor in II 3320 to II 3441
II Isildur Ruled II 3441 to III 2 (2 years)

Kings of Arnor

III Valandil Ruled III 10 to III 249 (239 years)
IV Eldacar Ruled III 249 to III 339 (90 years)
V Arantar Ruled III 339 to III 435 (96 years)
VI Tarcil Ruled III 435 to III 515 (80 years)
VII Tarondor Ruled III 515 to III 602 (87 years)
VIII Valandur Ruled III 602 to III 652 (50 years)
IX Elendur Ruled III 652 to III 777 (125 years)
X Eärendur Ruled III 777 to III 861 (84 years)

Kings of Arthedain

XI Amlaith of Fornost Ruled III 861 to III 946 (85 years)
XII Beleg Ruled III 946 to III 1029 (83 years)
XIII Mallor Ruled III 1029 to III 1110 (81 years)
XIV Celepharn Ruled III 1110 to III 1191 (81 years)
XV Celebrindor Ruled III 1191 to III 1272 (81 years)
XVI Malvegil Ruled III 1272 to III 1349 (77 years)
XVII Argeleb I Ruled III 1349 to III 1356 (7 years)
XVIII Arveleg I Ruled III 1356 to III 1409 (53 years)
XXI Araphor Ruled III 1409 to III 1589 (180 years)
XXII Argeleb II Ruled III 1589 to III 1670 (81 years)
XXIII Arvegil Ruled III 1670 to III 1743 (73 years)
XXIV Arveleg II Ruled III 1743 to III 1813 (70 years)
XXV Araval Ruled III 1813 to III 1891 (78 years)
XXVI Araphant Ruled III 1891 to III 1964 (73 years)
XXVII Arvedui Last-king Ruled III 1964 to III 1974 (10 years)

Chieftains of the Dúnedain

XXVIII Aranarth Ruled III 19761 to III 2106 (130 years)
XXIX Arahael Ruled III 2106 to III 2177 (71 years)
XXX Aranuir Ruled III 2177 to III 2247 (70 years)
XXXI Aravir Ruled III 2247 to III 2319 (72 years)
XXXII Aragorn I Ruled III 2319 to III 2327 (8 years)
XXXIII Araglas Ruled III 2327 to III 2455 (128 years)
XXXIV Arahad I Ruled III 2455 to III 2523 (68 years)
XXXV Aragost Ruled III 2523 to III 2588 (65 years)
XXXVI Aravorn Ruled III 2588 to III 2654 (66 years)
XXXVII Arahad II Ruled III 2654 to III 2719 (65 years)
XXXVIII Arassuil Ruled III 2719 to III 2784 (65 years)
XXXIX Arathorn I Ruled III 2784 to III 2848 (64 years)
XL Argonui Ruled III 2848 to III 2912 (64 years)
XLI Arador Ruled III 2912 to III 2930 (18 years)
XLII Arathorn II Ruled III 2930 to III 2933 (3 years)

High Kings Returned

XLIII Aragorn II Elessar Ruled as Chieftain III 2933 to III 3019 (86 years) and High King III 3019 to IV 120 (122 years)
XLIII Eldarion Ruled from IV 120

For more thorough histories of the lords of the Northern Line, see the entries for High King, King of Arnor, King of Arthedain and Chieftain of the Dúnedain.



After the loss of Arthedain and its King Arvedui, the Kingship of the North came to an end. Arvedui's son Aranarth, while unquestionably the heir of the Northern Line, did not take up the rule of his people until III 1976, two years after his father had been drowned in the icy northern seas.

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