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Constructed in the early days of Gondor, before the end of the Second Age; renamed Minas Tirith in III 2002
Beneath Mount Mindolluin in Anórien, on the western banks of Anduin in Gondor
Built by the sons of Elendil
Ruled by Kings of the House of Anárion
Important peaks
Built on the hill later known as Amon Tirith, beneath Mount Mindolluin
mi'nas ah'norr (the 'i' in 'Minas' is short, so the word is pronounced like 'minnas'; 'rr' indicates that the final r sound should be distinctly pronounced)
Literally 'Tower of the Sun', but often translated 'Tower of the Setting Sun'1
Other names
'Minas Anor' was the original name given to this city, which it held until the capture of Minas Ithil by the Nazgûl in III 2002; after that time, the city was renamed Minas Tirith, the name it retained until the War of the Ring and beyond; for its later history, refer to the entry for Minas Tirith


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Map of Minas Anor

The Tower of the Setting Sun; the original name for Minas Tirith in Gondor, changed after the capture of Minas Ithil by the Nazgûl.

Map of Minas Anor



The Elvish name Minas Anor simply means 'Tower of the Sun' (and its counterpart Minas Ithil is simply 'Tower of the Moon'). Nonetheless, because Minas Anor lay to the west of Osgiliath (that is, in the direction of the sunset) its name is often translated 'Tower of the Setting Sun'. Similarly, Minas Ithil to the east (in the direction of moonrise) is commonly rendered as 'Tower of the Rising Moon'.


About this entry:

  • Updated 15 November 2009
  • Updates planned: 1

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