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Lord of the White Tower

A title of the later rulers of Gondor

A title taken by Steward Denethor II, and doubtless by other Stewards before him and also possibly the four final Kings of Gondor who preceded those Stewards. The title refers to the White Tower built by King Calimehtar in the year III 1900, so Calimehtar is the first of Gondor's rulers who could possibly have used the title. After Calimehtar, only three Kings ruled in Gondor (Ondoher, Eärnil II and Eärnur) before that line came to an end, and the Stewards took over the rule of the land. Thus all of the Ruling Stewards could have claimed the title 'Lord of the White Tower', and especially Ecthelion I, who rebuilt the Tower in III 2698, the last year of his rule.

Kings of Gondor

I Calimehtar (ruled for 80 years to II 1936)
In Calimehtar's time, Gondor was plagued by attacks from the Easterlings known as the Wainriders. The King achieved a great victory over them in III 1899, and the following year1 he erected the White Tower on the summit of Minas Anor. He would thus have been Lord of the White Tower for the last thirty-six years of his eighty-year reign.
IIOndoher (Ruled for 8 years to III 1944)
IIIEärnil II (Ruled for 98 years to III 2043)
After Ondoher's loss in battle with both his direct heirs, the Council of Gondor took a year of deliberation before choosing the new King. Thus it was not until III 1945 that Eärnil II was crowned as Ondoher's successor.
IVEärnur (Ruled for 7 years to III 2050)
Eärnur was lost in Minas Morgul and left no heir. After his time the Lords of the White Tower were no longer Kings, but styled themselves Ruling Stewards of the House of Húrin.

Ruling Stewards

VMardil Voronwë (Ruled for 30 years to III 2080)
VIEradan (Ruled for 36 years to III 2116)
VII Herion (Ruled for 32 years to III 2148)
VIII Belegorn (Ruled for 56 years to III 2204)
IX Húrin I (Ruled for 40 years to III 2244)
X Túrin I (Ruled for 34 years to III 2278)
XI Hador (Ruled for 117 years to III 2395)
XII Barahir (Ruled for 17 years to III 2412)
XIII Dior (Ruled for 23 years to III 2435)
XIV Denethor I (Ruled for 42 years to III 2477)
XV Boromir (Ruled for 12 years to III 2489)
XVI Cirion (Ruled for 78 years to III 2567)
XVII Hallas (Ruled for 38 years to III 2605)
XVIII Húrin II (Ruled for 23 years to III 2628)
XIX Belecthor I (Ruled for 27 years to III 2655)
XX Orodreth (Ruled for 30 years to III 2685)
XXIEcthelion I (Ruled for 13 years to III 2698)
When Ecthelion succeeded to the Stewardship, the White Tower built by King Calimehtar had stood for nearly eight hundred years. Ecthelion made plans to rebuild the Tower, and in the last year of his short rule his new White Tower was completed. The rebuilt Tower became known as the Tower of Ecthelion, and it survived at least until the time of the War of the Ring, more than three hundred years later.
XXII Egalmoth (Ruled for 45 years to III 2743)
XXIII Beren (Ruled for 20 years to III 2763)
XXIV Beregond (Ruled for 48 years to III 2811)
XXV Belecthor II (Ruled for 61 years to III 2872)
XXVI Thorondir (Ruled for 10 years to III 2882)
XXVII Túrin II (Ruled for 32 years to III 2914)
XXVIII Turgon (Ruled for 39 years to III 2953)
XXIX Ecthelion II (Ruled for 31 years to III 2984)
XXX Denethor II (Ruled for 35 years to 15 March III 3019)
XXXI Faramir (Ruled for 46 days to 1 May III 3019)
Faramir succeeded his father Denethor II after the appearance of a recognised heir to the Kingship. He ruled for only a brief period during III 3019, after which he formally surrendered the rule of Gondor to Aragorn Elessar. It is doubtful whether Faramir would have claimed the title 'Lord of the White Tower' for himself during this period, but as a formal Ruling Steward of Gondor - however briefly - he is included in this list.

Kings Returned

XXXII Aragorn Elessar (Ruled for 122 years to IV 120)
Aragorn was not a direct successor to the earlier Kings who had been Lords of the White Tower, but rather a descendant of Isildur, the elder brother of Anárion from whom the former Kings of Gondor claimed royal descent.
XXXIII Eldarion (Ruled from IV 120)
Aragorn Elessar founded a line of Kings through his little-known heir Eldarion. Through this line, the Lordship of the White Tower would have continued into the Fourth Age, but Eldarion is the last Lord named in records.



It's not entirely clear why Calimehtar built the White Tower so quickly after defeating the Wainriders. Perhaps it was intended simply as a monument to his victory, but elsewhere we're told that it acted as a very effective watchtower (it was the ultimate source of the name Minas Tirith, 'Tower of Guard') so perhaps Calimehtar intended for it to give advance warning of any further Easterling attacks.


About this entry:

  • Updated 10 April 2020
  • Updates planned: 2

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