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The Chronicle of Arda

Welcome to The Chronicle of Arda. This section of the site provides automated annals for all four Ages of the Sun and Moon. For any period of Arda's history, the Chronicle will display the events that happened in that time. Events and characters are entered into the Chronicle as they are added to the main database: like the rest of The Encyclopedia of Arda this section of the site is expanding all the time.

You can have the Chronicle look up events for specific dates by entering one or two years in the form below. If you enter two dates, the Chronicle will display events that happened between those two years. If you leave one of the dates blank, the Chronicle will display events in the century around the single year you specify.

For years after III 1601 (the year of the foundation of Shire, and therefore Shire Year 1), the Chronicle will also show years by the Shire-reckoning in a second column.

Enter a date:
Enter another date:
One hundred years around III 1879
(279 by the Shire-reckoning)

 • 5,859 years after the Return of the Noldor
 • 1,951 years after the Downfall of Númenor
 • 1,089 years before the War of the Ring

The Third Age

1832232Birth of Náin I, later King of Durin's Folk in Khazad-dûm.
1850250Death of Telumehtar Umbardacil. He is succeeded by his son, who becomes Narmacil II.
1851251The first attacks of the Wainriders occur.
1856256Death of Narmacil II in battle with the Wainriders. He is succeeded by his son Calimehtar.
c.1856256The Northmen of Rhovanion abandon their lands and seek new homes across Middle-earth.
1864264Probable date of the birth of Arvedui son of Araphant, later King of Arthedain.
1879279Likely date of birth of Pelendur, later Steward of Gondor.
1883283Likely date of birth of Eärnil son of Siriondil, later crowned King Eärnil II of Gondor.
1891291Death of Araval. He is succeeded as King of Arthedain by his son Araphant.
1892292Birth of Artamir, eldest son of King Ondoher of Gondor.
1895295Birth of Faramir, younger son of King Ondoher of Gondor.
1896296Likely date of the birth of Fíriel, daughter of Ondoher of Gondor.
1899299The Wainriders are defeated on Dagorlad by Calimehtar of Gondor.
1900300The White Tower is built in Minas Anor by King Calimehtar.
1919319Probable date of birth of Vorondil son of Pelendur, later Steward to King Eärnil II of Gondor.
1928328Probable date of the birth of Eärnur, later the last King of Gondor.

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