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Eorl became the first King in III 2510; the line continued into the Fourth Age
The royal seat was originally at Aldburg, and later moved to Edoras
Rohan is pronounced 'ro'han'
Rohan means 'horse-land'
Other names
Title of
Eorl the Young and at least eighteen of his descendants


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King of Rohan

Eorl and his royal descendants

Eorl the Young
First Line
Seven Kings from
Brego to
Second Line
Six Kings from
Brytta to
Third Line

The descent of the three lines of the Kings of Rohan. Names shown in bold were accounted bearers of the title.

Title of nineteen recorded lords of the land of Rohan, from Eorl the Young who founded that land to Elfwine, son of Éomer Éadig who fought in the War of the Ring.

I Eorl the Young (Founded Rohan in III 2510, and ruled for 35 years to III 2545)
He was the young Lord of the Éothéod in the north of Middle-earth, who upheld the ancient alliances of his people when he rode to the defence of Gondor in the distant south. He routed the invading Balchoth in the Battle of the Field of Celebrant. As reward, Steward Cirion of Gondor granted the land of Calenardhon to Eorl's people, and there they founded Rohan, becoming known as the Rohirrim, the Horse-lords. Throughout his life, Eorl continued to fight against the common enemies of Rohan and Gondor, and fell in battle in the Wold, defending his land from a new invasion.
II Brego (Ruled for 25 years to III 2570)
He was most famed for the building of the hall of Meduseld in Edoras. His eldest son Baldor swore to pass the Paths of the Dead, and was lost. Filled with grief at Baldor's death, Brego died soon after.
III Aldor the Old (Ruled for 75 years to III 2645)
The longest-reigning of all Rohan's Kings, Aldor came to the throne at the age of just 26, and ruled Rohan until his death at the age of 101. His long reign saw the strengthening of the new realm of Rohan. With the last of its enemies quashed, the land had peace for many years after Aldor's time.
IV Fréa (Ruled for 14 years to III 2659)
V Fréawine (Ruled for 21 years to III 2680)
VI Goldwine (Ruled for 19 years to III 2699)
VII Déor (Ruled for 19 years to III 2718)
It was during Déor's reign that raiders from Dunland occupied the defences of Isengard, where they remained until the time of Fréaláf the tenth King.
VIII Gram (Ruled for 23 years to III 2741)
IX Helm (Ruled for 18 years to III 2759)
He was known as Helm Hammerhand for the strength of his fists. It was during his reign the Dunlendings overran Rohan, and Helm led his people to shelter in the place that would become known as Helm's Deep. He was lost, with both his sons, during the Long Winter.

Wulf (Ruled for 1 year to III 2759)
The son of Freca, who led the Dunlending invasion of Rohan. He sat in the Meduseld in Edoras, and claimed the title King, but he was not reckoned by the Rohirrim among the true Kings of the realm. He was slain by Helm's nephew Fréaláf.

X Fréaláf Hildeson (Ruled for 39 years to III 2798)
The son of Helm's sister Hild, and therefore the first King of the Second Line. He succeeded in avenging his uncle by driving the invading Dunlendings out of Rohan. It was during Fréaláf's reign that Saruman first occupied the Tower of Orthanc.
XI Brytta Léofa (Ruled for 44 years to III 2842)
A generous and popular King who was given the title Léofa, 'Beloved', by his subjects. During his reign, Orcs came down from the north, but Brytta was able to drive most of them from their refuges in the White Mountains.
XII Walda (Ruled for 9 years to III 2851)
Walda's short reign came to an end in the White Mountains near Dunharrow, where he was trapped and slain by Orcs. His son Folca vowed to avenge him.
XIII Folca (Ruled for 13 years to III 2864)
A famous hunter, Folca tracked down the remaining Orcs in Rohan, and slew every one of them within his borders. He was himself slain by the Boar of Everholt in the Firien Wood.
XIV Folcwine (Ruled for 39 years to III 2903)
Folcwine is chiefly remembered for recapturing the region known as the West-march, that had been held by the Dunlendings. He sent his two elder sons, Folcred and Fastred, to aid Gondor in battle, and both were lost.
XV Fengel (Ruled for 50 years to III 2953)
Fengel was Folcwine's youngest son, who succeeded after the deaths of his older brothers. He was remembered as a greedy and avaricious King.
XVI Thengel (Ruled for 27 years to III 2980)
Thengel spent much of his life in Gondor, in the service of Steward Turgon, but he returned to Rohan to take up the Kingship. It was during his reign that it became clear that Saruman was an enemy of Rohan.
XVII Théoden (Ruled for 39 years to III 3019)
For much of his reign, Théoden was weakened by Saruman's agent Gríma Wormtongue, and Rohan did little to counter the Wizard's growing threat. Cured by Gandalf, Théoden rode to battle, and defeated Saruman's forces in the Battle of the Hornburg. He led the Rohirrim on to the relief of Minas Tirith and the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, but though Sauron's armies were defeated there, Théoden himself perished.

XVIII Éomer (Ruled for 65 years to IV 63)
Théoden's only son Théodred had been slain in the First Battle of the Fords of Isen, and so he was succeeded by his nephew Éomer. As King, Éomer earned the surname Éadig, the 'blessed', for the prosperity of his long reign.
XIX Elfwine The last of Rohan's Kings to be recorded was Éomer's son, named Elfwine the Fair.

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